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Parenting a child requires great commitment, love, patience, and a backbone to discipline. It is not an easy job, but it is the most rewarding job.

Although i have no children but i know, parenting is not an easy job.

For me, no parents is perfect and no child is perfect either. But it doesn’t mean that parents shouldn’t work towards that goal.

They asking! Why parents expect to much from their child? “Because parents love their children and obviously they want the best for them”

We serve as a role model to them and we have to set high standard for ourselves first.

All parents around the world want their children to grow up to become descent, productive members of society.

So a good parenting style will affect your child’s future! 🌹

Here are 4 tips on learning effective parenting skills.

Many of them are not quick nor easy. But to be a good parents, you have to sacrifice for their better life 💕


Show your love. Spread the love. Loving them cannot spoil them.

Loving your child can be as simple as giving them hugs, spending time with them and listening to their issues seriously.

From these, the child will develop resilience and not to mention a closer relationship with you.


The most important is the way you communicate with your children. Talk to your child and also listen to them carefully.

By keeping an open line of communication, you’ll have a better relationship with your child and your child will come to you when there’s a problem.


Spanking your child is modeling to your child that they can resolve issues by violence.

Children who are spanked, smacked or hit are more prone to fighting with other children. They are more likely to become bullies and to use verbal/physical aggression to solve disputes.

Later in life, they are also more likely to result in delinquency, antisocial and criminal behavior, worse parent-child relationship, mental health issues and domestic violence victims or abusers.


Don’t just tell your child what you want them to do. Show them, teach them what you want them to do!

Children in particular watch everything their parents do very carefully.


Much Love, Emmy Josly 🍃

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